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Bet Angel - Getting the highest speed connection to Betfair

Bet Angel gives you very detailed control over how you communicate with Betfair. Not only do we have multiple ways to connect via the connection mode concept. You can also modifying the behaviour of Bet Angel to maximise the speed at which you interact with their site. 

One you have have defined your optimal settings save them in a quick pick list so you can switch to them in a flash.

Bet Angel also carefully manages your data connection to ensure you don't get any unexpected charges. This video shows you how to manage that and also how to optimise Bet Angel so you can get the key information from the exchange delivered to you in the fastest most efficient manner.


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5 André Braz6383 10€ 1,200%
6 TiagoDias07_ 10€ 1,173%
7 beranco8 10€ 1,092%
8 antonioremedios 10€ 1,087%
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