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BetAngel Trader é a versão intermédia deste software de trading

Paga só o que usas! O BetAngel Trader é a versão intermédia do reconhecido software de trading para a Betfair que te traz muitas funcionalidades, a um preço mais acessível.

Compara as diferenças entre as 3 versões do BetAngel: Basic, Trader e Professional.

Bet Angel - Tennis trader - Calibration tool

In version 1.34 or above of Bet Angel, the Tennis Trader tool contains a calibration setting function that allows you to modify how Tennis Trader seeds and forecasts the market.

Bet Angel - Tennis trader - Betfair Tennis Trading tool

Bet Angel contains a free tool that allows you to model where the odds are likely to be in a Tennis match.

Tennis trader allows you to input a score, calbirate it to the current odds in the match and they it uses that data to project the score and odds forward for the remainder of the match.

SKY vs Betdaq & Betfair live video feed comparison

This is a short video comparing Betfair live video, Betdaq live video and a SKY feed.

Terrestrial live feeds are the fastest feeds you can get, but even then, the digital switch-over has added some latency to that. Obviously the fastest feed is to be at the actual track itself.

Bet Angel - Betfair trading - Creating a 'Fat Finger' automation rule

Pulling of this trick just once will pay for your Bet Angel subscription for a year if you are using reasonable stakes. Give it a try, but don't use the example settings in this video. Be a bit more adventurous!

Sometimes the market just acts a bit crazy and prices can spike in and out unexpectedly.

Bet Angel - Advanced Automation

Using advanced automation you can do many clever things. This video gives you an introduction to the advanced automation tool. See some of the other videos we have published for some ideas on how to use automation to trade the markets.

Bet Angel - Basic automation

In Bet Angel there is an 'automation' tab. This is a bit of a legacy function as it has been superseded by the automation tab in Guardian which is much more powerful. There is a link on the automation to the advanced section.

This videos shows you how to the use the basic automation in Bet Angel

Bet Angel - New full market depth column feature

We have added an additional feature in version 1.33 of Bet Angel to help you trade much more effectively. This featured is located in the full market depth column.

Bet Angel - Getting the highest speed connection to Betfair

Bet Angel gives you very detailed control over how you communicate with Betfair. Not only do we have multiple ways to connect via the connection mode concept. You can also modifying the behaviour of Bet Angel to maximise the speed at which you interact with their site.

Bet Angel version 1.33 - Jockey silks addition

In response to user requests we have now added jockey silks where ever we think they are appropriate! Keep the suggestions coming.
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